Schuller Glassart Minimalist kitchen layout

The beauty of a single flower, the effortlessness of a white wall or the simplicity of one black chair in a room. All of these images sum up what minimalism is. It is about the beauty of the object and the discovery of design through the art of keeping it simple and uncluttered. Minimalism means stripping back your life and your décor to the absolute essentials, but making sure that everything which enters your home is unashamedly attractive, but also has a purpose – whether that is functionality or just because it looks amazing.

Achieving a minimalist home is something which requires a certain sense of determination. It isn’t easy to pare your life down to essentials, however it is incredibly rewarding. One simple chair and a sofa, one perfectly framed painting, no ornaments to dust and a dearth of books, records, papers and gadgets. It makes sense if you want to live a life of freedom. However, how is that possible in a kitchen – the home of the gadget?


Achieving a minimalist kitchen is all about storage and knowing what is required. It is about getting to the heart of what you do in your kitchen and making sure that you store only those items you need. It is also essential to keep the kitchen style and design as simple as possible to ensure the minimalist feel carries from the inside of the cupboards to the outside.

Use pull down shutters to hide toasters and blenders and use floor to ceiling cupboards to make the most of the available space. Design your cupboards to fit your items and ensure that all gadgets, plates, cups and saucepans have a space. Nothing should be on show unless it is making a statement.

The design

Try to choose a kitchen which is as simple as you can find. This may mean a single block colour – white is good, although not necessarily minimalist. You should opt for a handleless design to ensure the clean lines are not broken and try to avoid open shelving or glazed cupboards which will reveal your hidden hoarder by showing what is inside.

If you decide to choose a cupboard design which is a little more detailed, you should try to counter that by having a stripped back worktop and a colour which is clean and crisp. Plain handles and a plain floor is also ideal. Try not to use tiles on the walls unless they are very large. The grout lines automatically add a cluttered feel and they dirty easily. Glass splash-backs are a great option.

What to show

If you fear that the room could be very boring and clinical looking, you are able to display certain items in your kitchen, but they must have an aesthetic appeal. Try a single bowl of flowers on the kitchen table, a colourful blind, a wall hanging or a retro coffee machine reflectively showing its beautiful practicality.

Minimalism is perfect for you if you love the simplicity of perfect things. If you want to ensure that the design of your kitchen is the focal point of the room, rather than the various clutter spread on the worktops, you should try being a minimalist – even if it is only when your friends come to visit.