• 5 reasons why you should consider kitchen refurbishment

    There are so many reasons why you should go for kitchen refurbishment surrey and we have gathered the top 5 reasons to surely go for it:   Slay at least one of the trends There are so many trends going on in the market and it is nothing wrong in trying one of it the […]

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  • Three things to avoid with kitchen design

    Three things to avoid with kitchen design As one of the leading providers of kitchen design Croydon has we have had the honour to create designs for homes of every size and shape imaginable. Our ability to work with different styles and overcome challenges has established us as a leading name in the area and […]

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  • Selecting the perfect kitchen floor

    You may not be aware of this, but a considerable amount of planning is required when designing a kitchen. With so many styles in existence, it can be difficult to choose the one that suits you the most. There’s no need to panic though, as our team has worked for years to offer some of […]

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  • Tips for better kitchen design

    Kitchens can quickly become the heart of every home and should be designed with this in mind. As one of the leading names for kitchen design Epsom has to offer, clients can come to us with their specifications and expect a stunning finish. In addition we can provide all kinds of useful tips and recommendations.

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  • Your guide to a family-friendly kitchen

    Kitchens are an integral part of any house, with there being many styles to choose from. Experienced in working with several types, including the likes of classic, traditional, contemporary, and even bespoke options, our company is rather versatile when it comes to creating designs each client will love. Having spent years providing some of the […]

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  • How to choose your kitchen worktop

    Having the right worktop in your kitchen is a matter of balancing your budget with your requirements – not always an easy task. While some worktops are relatively cheap, they may not last very long and others will cost many thousands of pounds, but will last forever. Knowing what the advantages and disadvantages of each […]

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  • Why is German kitchen design so popular?

    In Europe German is one of the most popular kitchen styles, dominating the market in numerous countries. The popularity has spread to the US and into Asia too over the years. So what makes it so popular? As one of the leading providers of German kitchen design Wimbledon based clients can call on, we can […]

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  • Colours in the Bathroom

    There was a time when an avocado bathroom suite was the height of fashion – thankfully those days are long gone and a white bathroom suite is pretty much your only option. However, this doesn’t mean that the entire bathroom needs to be white or of a neutral tone. Splashes of colour, painting and tiling […]

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  • Minimalism: The art of Function, Beauty and Simplicity in kitchen Design

    Minimalism: The art of Function, Beauty and Simplicity in kitchen Design The beauty of a single flower, the effortlessness of a white wall or the simplicity of one black chair in a room. All of these images sum up what minimalism is. It is about the beauty of the object and the discovery of design […]

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  • Kitchen Disasters: 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your kitchen Design

    Kitchen Disasters: 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your kitchen Design The kitchen is often the heart of the home, the place where the family and guests congregate, eat, do their homework, watch TV and generally spend the main part of their day. Getting the design of your kitchen right is crucial to making the […]

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  • A Splash of Creativity & Designs with the Kitchen Splashback

    Your kitchen splashback offers an important function in your kitchen – it protects (as the name implies) the wall behind your worktop, hob and sink, from splashes of water and food. It also gives the kitchen a cohesive, pulled together look that adds interest. If you choose a splashback that is a little different from […]

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  • The Multiple working triangle

    The kitchen working triangle does not have to be one-track rigid. It can be dynamic and multi-faceted, to suit your particular needs and the changing requirements in a functional working kitchen. Above is a kitchen with multiple working triangles which we recently designed for a young family.

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