Explore Our Various Bespoke Kitchen Styles in Surrey

Our flexible and responsive approach to kitchen design means that we cater for a wide variety of kitchen styles. Our design solution is always guided by the individual requirements and preferences of each customer… Explore More

Contemporary Range

Glass doors, High-quality gloss lacquered doors, cutting edge appliances and accessories, Beautiful veneers, Handle less kitchen, Uncluttered and imaginative use of space. Just a few defining factors of our Contemporary kitchen ranges.

Classic Kitchen Designs

The ever-popular timeless kitchen. Since our kitchens are built to last a lifetime, why not pick one of these timeless designs. Available in a shaker style, lacquered or vinyl wrapped door, the quality, designs, and complementary equipment and accessories remain top-notch always.

Traditional Kitchen Designs

Everyone loves a good throwback. Our Traditional kitchens remain the epitome of style, elegance and country nostalgia. Our unique materials, feature kitchen units, and creative kitchen design will deliver that Classic Traditional or Olde Worlde kitchen to your requirement.

Bespoke Kitchen Designs

Immerse yourself in our Bespoke kitchens offer, where you can afford to run away with your imagination. We will design a very unique kitchen unit that matches your requirements. Just discuss your ideas with one of our professional team.

Kitchen Brands

Supplying Our Kitchens With The Leading Kitchen Brands

All our kitchen brands are made to a consistently high quality. Our German Schuller kitchen is highly engineered and offers top quality over a wide range of styles, finishes and price points. Our Liv-in kitchen brand is British kitchen at its best in Classic and Traditional designs. Eggermann German kitchen remains uncompromising in everything. Contact us and discover that we have just the right kitchen for you.


Our flagship German kitchen brand. The most perfect blend of quality, style, variety, and affordability. These kitchens are built to last you for life. Probably the best design of the kitchen in the world.

Liv In

Liv-in is our brand of kitchen design which delivers the widest variety of beautiful British made kitchens at competitive prices. Each component of these designs is constructed by our highly skilled craftsman. With years of quality experience and their precise attention to detail, we can achieve your desired kitchen to the highest possible standard.

Next 125

Next125 is the international premium brand from the Schüller forge. The kitchens are characterised by attention to detail. next125 combines craftsmanship, technology, design and architecture with state-of-the-art industrial production.

Features & Accessories

Schuller Kitchen Features


The vast number of components are designed and built by skilled engineers and workers from the Schuller mega-factory in Germany. The Schuller Kitchen quality brand is built upon an ethos of continuous product development, continuous quality control, innovation, hand-picked materials, careful management of supply chain, undiluted attention to customer service, and a whole lot more.


Kitchen lighting for effect or work, each in its place. The possibilities present themselves according to your requirements. Schuller provides a wide range of high-quality lighting solutions built into the cabinets for that extra smooth and aesthetic look.


A functional kitchen makes life easier and saves time and work. Nowhere else in the home do we find such a concentration of function as in the kitchen. That is why Schuller kitchens have designed a vast number of imaginative and ergonomic kitchen solutions to enhance your enjoyment of the kitchen.


Drawers with genuine wood equipment, Integrated all-purpose electrical slicer, Sliding table bar, Recess system for utensil holder, Electrical opening assistance, Elevated dishwasher system, Integrated scales in drawer, Large capacity plinth drawer, Mirror plinth, ….and much more.

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