The best kitchens don’t just make use of the space that is available; instead they come up with unique solutions to push much further. We strive to provide just that at Waterhouse Design. With unique storage solutions, the correct choice of materials and accessories, and a huge amount of passion and creativity, our team deliver the best kitchen designs Sutton based clients can find.

Our designs really stand out because we can work with so many different styles. Everybody is different and will have their kitchen preferences. For example some people feel more comfortable in classic British or Italian style spaces. Others are more at home in modern, easy to maintain German kitchens. Some blend different parts of various styles to get a space that is completely their own.

We work closely with each and every client so they get the design they want. Every single element will be considered to ensure they all contribute towards the finish and functionality of the space. A great deal of care goes into this, ensuring that nothing is out of place. Even the smallest details such as the handles and hinges are considered so the final aesthetics are perfect.

Clients have a great deal of freedom when they deal with us because we are wholly independent. We will pick and choose which products will suit the design, never compromising because we are tied to a specific brand.

Whilst maintaining our independence we have built strong relationships with a number of big names, including Schuller. The end result is that we can offer wonderful prices for our clients whilst still giving them full control over the product selections.

As part of our services we can handle all of the design work and arrange for everything to be delivered. The service can stop there if clients want to do installation themselves or we can take that task on too. Whichever option they select clients can expect the very best from us at all times.

If you want to get a better idea of why we are the number one for kitchen design Sutton has why not stop by our showroom in North Cheam? You can see some of our designs and speak to our team. Alternatively you can browse our website; the gallery has plenty of great images in it.

When you want a beautiful kitchen Waterhouse Designs is the name for you.

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