As one of the leading providers of kitchen design Croydon has we have had the honour to create designs for homes of every size and shape imaginable. Our ability to work with different styles and overcome challenges has established us as a leading name in the area and beyond.

An important thing we always advise our clients is to be aware of what not to do with kitchen designs. There are many pitfalls they can stumble upon, each of which could potentially ruin the investment that is being made. To make it easier to avoid them we provide information about three of the major ones here.

1) Cutting corners

Making the most of your budget can be tough but the last thing you should do is cut corners with the materials. Opting for lower quality will only mean you need to pay out more in the long run for repairs and replacements. This is particularly true with high wear areas like floors and worktops. These are the things you should be investing more in to get longevity from.

2) Knowing what to keep on show

Shelves can unlock more space for you to store items but you need to make sure you are displaying the right things. There is no point investing in a beautiful modern kitchen if you are going to have old pans or appliances sat on shelves. There should be cupboards set aside for these to go in until they are needed.

3) Avoid white flooring

White is a great colour for kitchens because it is airy and gives the illusion of space. It can work really well on walls and cupboards but it isn’t a colour you should have on the floors. Why? Because it is so difficult to maintain, showing up every spillage and scuff. You don’t want to spend all of your time cleaning just to keep the floor a bright white.

If you would like help from the provider of kitchen design Croydon residents love working with the most, we are the company for you. Get in touch with Waterhouse Designs today to discuss your ideas and start designing.