Kitchens can quickly become the heart of every home and should be designed with this in mind. As one of the leading names for kitchen design Epsom has to offer, clients can come to us with their specifications and expect a stunning finish. In addition we can provide all kinds of useful tips and recommendations.

If you are unsure on what kind of design to opt for these tips for a better kitchen may help you.

1) Don’t waste space

Even the trickiest spatial limitations can be overcome with smart design. Instead of wasting spaces choose custom storage options and make the most of them.

2) Choose wide walkways

Wider walkways make it easier and safer for people to make their way around the kitchen. This also helps to prevent cluttering and makes the whole space more pleasant to be in.

3) Think about traffic

Appliances and cabinets should be arranged so they can be used without getting in the way of people making their way around. You should also make sure handles are safely out of the way.

4) Be careful of corners

Putting appliances or cabinets in corners may not be a wise idea. This can affect the functionality and runs the risk of damage to walls.

5) Do you really need an island?

Kitchen islands can look fantastic but they do require a lot of space. If you are planning to have one in your design you should make sure you are clear what function it will serve from the outset so the spatial requirements can be met.

6) Think landing space

When you are cooking you will need space on worktops to place items as you take them from the oven, microwave, and other appliances. These are also great for plating up. It is important you leave enough space to meet your needs.

7) Organise around the range

A great tip is to have storage and shelving installed close to the range. That way you can keep items you need regularly close to hand, whether it is cooking oils or utensils.

8) Install enough sockets

Modern kitchens feature more technology than ever before with devices and appliances to suit almost any need. Ensuring you have enough sockets is wise so you don’t have to use extensions or pick and choose what you want to use at any one time.

9) Break up cabinetry

A great way to improve the aesthetics of a kitchen is to intersperse cabinets and appliances and utilise different doors, changing some wooden ones for glass. This ensures you don’t have a single block of cabinetry

10) Light colours

In smaller kitchens lighter colours will help to make the space feel bigger. This is great for making them feel light, airy, and more spacious, even if they aren’t that big.

This is just a few of the things we have learned in our years as the leading name for kitchen design Epsom has. If you want more advice please get in touch.