There was a time when an avocado bathroom suite was the height of fashion – thankfully those days are long gone and a white bathroom suite is pretty much your only option. However, this doesn’t mean that the entire bathroom needs to be white or of a neutral tone. Splashes of colour, painting and tiling techniques, coloured bathroom furniture and more can all be employed to add colour and extra sparkle to your bathroom.

Colour offers much more than interest to a room. It is proven that certain colours can actually evoke certain feelings. Blue is calming, purple adds vibrancy and red is energetic. Pink has even been used in prisons to keep inmates calm.

Which colour?

When deciding on the colour you would like to use in your bathroom, you should think about how you, personally, use the room. If you want an oasis of calm, try a lighter pale colour such as baby blue, if you are going for a spa inspired look, natural colours like beige and browns work well. Brighter colours are a little more personal and may not be suitable if you hope to sell your home soon, but they certainly add personality. Accessories in your favourite bright colours offer a way of adding a unique style and you can take it with you.

Bathroom size

The size of your bathroom will influence how you decide to use colour. The larger the room, the brighter and more bold you can be. If your bathroom has zones, you can paint or tile each one in a different but complimentary colour. This breaks up the room and will add extra interest and contemporary style. A smaller bathroom will need paler colours and plenty of mirrors to ensure it looks as large as possible. Adding colour to a smaller bathroom is best done in a small area. For example a feature wall or the floor tiles are a great way to inject colour without overwhelming the room.


Bathroom furniture these days can be as unique and as vibrant as you wish to go. Cabinets from many of our ranges come with many different colour options from vibrant reds to muted beige. Woodgrained patterns with a high gloss finish are also an interesting and unique way to decorate your bathroom.


Once again it is now possible to find a huge range of tiles suitable for the bathroom. From black high gloss tiles for flooring or walls through to glass tiles in a huge range of hues – tiles can be the perfect way to inject a little colour into your bathroom. Try adding some mosaic tiles to a border or use square tiles in various colours to create a checkerboard effect.


Coloured glass is a very popular choice in modern bathrooms. Plain glass can be imbued with the colour of your choice by adding a layer of colour to the back. These panels have the added advantage of becoming a focal point for the room and they act in place of tiles without the usual grout issues. Easy to clean and attractive – glass panels are ideal for adding glamour to the bathroom.

Whatever your way of adding colour is, there are a multitude of way to achieve the look you want. If you really want to, you can even find a coloured suite for that retro look. We can’t guarantee it will ever come back in fashion though.