Kitchens are an integral part of any house, with there being many styles to choose from. Experienced in working with several types, including the likes of classic, traditional, contemporary, and even bespoke options, our company is rather versatile when it comes to creating designs each client will love. Having spent years providing some of the greatest work centred on kitchen design Kingston has ever seen, we’re confident that we will be able to meet all of your requirements.

Kitchen planning requires that you think about the needs of each person that shall be making use of it. In a family household this means owning an adjustable space that meets both your requirements and those of your children. This is true for when they’re young as well as when they grow older. After-all this isn’t just a place where you cook and eat, it acts as a sociable spot too, used for doing work, hosting gatherings, or simply spending time together.

You have to get the layout correct, that much is true. Obtaining the ideal one depends on whether you currently have or are intending to have children. Additionally, you must also consider what variety of environment it is that you desire for the kitchen.

For anyone that wishes to have a kid-free zone, a U-shaped or peninsula kitchen would be perfect. This shall keep members of the family away from the space. If you live in a busy home, hindering passage through the room will keep you safer whilst cooking. If a fussy, family-focused area is what you prefer, then an open-plan blueprint with an island or L-shaped arrangement could provide what you need. This will give the kitchen a more welcoming atmosphere.

At Waterhouse Design, every one of our kitchens is created with only the highest level of quality in mind. Thanks to the responsive and flexible approach that we’ve adopted, we have the ability to work with a multitude of kitchen variations, even combining different elements when necessary.

If you are looking for your perfect kitchen, we would love to help you find it. Our reputation as the best for kitchen design Kingston has is built on great services and even better end results.