In Europe German is one of the most popular kitchen styles, dominating the market in numerous countries. The popularity has spread to the US and into Asia too over the years. So what makes it so popular? As one of the leading providers of German kitchen design Wimbledon based clients can call on, we can provide some of the reasons.

1) History

Germany is home to some of the oldest kitchen brands in the whole world, with companies like Poggenpohl and Eggermann dating back to 1892 and 1908 respectively. These companies and highly talented craftsmen were heavily influential on modern designs for kitchens. Developments such as connected cabinets and handles were all German.

2) A great reputation

The term “made in Germany” evokes ideas of quality craftsmanship. This is reflected in the kitchen designs and has seen them exported to countries all around the world. People choose to have a German design because they expect the best.

3) Strong engineering traditions

German engineers are amongst the best in the whole world; that is why their automobiles are so highly regarded. It is no different with kitchens. The designs can offer fantastic functionality whilst simultaneously offering clean, contemporary aesthetics. As more and more technology has been introduced into kitchens Germany has led the way and continued to offer high quality workmanship.

4) Efficiency

One of the great things about German kitchen designs is they are created with ease of installation in mind. Components are generally made to measure so they simply all slot together when they arrive. This saves time and creates less mess when they are being installed.

5) Function then form

The focus with German kitchens is functionality, ensuring that all of the cupboards, devices, and accessories will work effectively. Aesthetics are important but come second to this. Generally a clean, contemporary, minimal design is the choice. This is perfect for modern homes.

As you can see there are plenty of good reasons why Germany is one of the biggest exporters of kitchens in the world. If you want one of them for yourself you can contact our team. We are proud to be one of the leading names for German kitchen design Wimbledon property owners can call on.