The fantastic thing about the kitchen is that it can effectively combine a variety of different styles, from traditional aesthetics to modern appliances. Elements of British, German, and even Italian kitchens can be used to create the perfect space. Our team at Waterhouse Designs can do just that for you; that is why we are the best provider of kitchen design Wimbledon has to offer.

The thing that allows us to deliver such incredible value and meet the unique requirements of each client is our flexibility. As an independent retailer we have the freedom to pick and choose different materials and appliances. That way we can help our clients to get exactly what they want in terms of functions, features, and accessories.

A hallmark of our service is we will produce a design that makes the very best of the space that is available. There are numerous creative ways to overcome spatial limitations, from custom made units and furnishings to integrated appliances. Our team are passionate and have extensive experience to call on. That allows us to tackle challenges and create wonderful designs.

We are passionate about working with the best brand names in the kitchen industry, including two huge German brands Schuller and Eggermann and the British Liv-in. Whatever style you are looking for we can provide, offering bespoke solutions to suit your specific ideas.

We will factor everything into the design to ensure it comes together to create a wonderful finish. Whilst carefully selecting materials we will take account of the patina and aesthetics each one offers. In addition we will plan the lighting perfectly, ensuring it brings the kitchen to life and enhances the materials.

There is a huge array of different accessories to choose from for your design. We can incorporate any of them into the plan, whether you want recesses for utensil holders, electric opening assistance so drawers open with a touch, or a sliding bar table. The end result is a kitchen that is completely suited to your needs.

When you work with our team you will get full support from our passionate designers at all times. That means you can really explore different ideas and find out what will work for you. It also means we can offer useful recommendations.

If you want to work with the best provider of kitchen design Wimbledon has to offer, Waterhouse Designs is the company for you. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

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