Over the years the room in the home that has changed the most is the kitchen. It has evolved to suit the needs of residents and to make the most of the space it inhabits. Additionally kitchens have become home to a much wider array of appliances and accessories. At Waterhouse Designs we have a great reputation as the best provider of kitchen design Kingston has to offer.

The best kitchens deliver wonderful value and prove to be a wise investment. We strive to provide just that, working closely with our clients to ensure we create a design that suits their needs and makes the best use of the space there is available. With creative ideas, our extensive experience, and the huge selection of different products we have access to, we can produce stunning results.

Many people have an idea of the style of kitchen they want. It could be the attractive comfort and aesthetics of an Italian inspired design, the minimalism and efficiency of German, or the enduring love of British. Some clients even want to combine elements of each to create a space that is unique to them. Whatever your ideas we can create the perfect plan for you.

As an independent retailer we can freely use products from any kind of brand. That means our clients have complete freedom to pick and choose; we can also offer a wide array of suggestions to suit each specific requirement. We do work closely with some high profile brands though, including Schuller and Eggermann. Their products are fantastic but the final choice is always with the client.

The great thing about our kitchen designs, and what makes us so passionate about creating them, is how so many different elements can come together seamlessly. We can work with all kinds of materials and select the right lighting to make them come to life. All kinds of appliances and accessories can be added to the mix, creating the perfect space.

Whatever your budget and the spatial limitations of your home, we can produce a wonderful design for you. Contact our team today to discuss your needs and get started. We are confident you’ll quickly realise why so many people consider us to be the best provider of kitchen design Kingston has to offer.

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