Red is a vibrant colour when used correctly

Kitchens are an integral aspect of every home because they serve so many different purposes. In order to satisfy each of these needs though, the design needs to be right. It should also express the unique preferences of the inhabitants. As one of the greatest businesses for kitchen design Croydon has to offer, we are the team to call if you need help creating the perfect space.


Red may be one of the most popular kitchen colours but that doesn’t mean it is easy to work with. The reason is that while there are a plethora of tones to choose from, all of them can have very different effects on the kitchen’s atmosphere and aesthetics.


With tones that are warm, bold red shades should, in theory, work with any space. When used in tandem with more constrained rooms though, they can seem somewhat overpowering. Therefore, they must be utilised with care. Bold red is best for both feature and accent pieces in a kitchen rather than an entire surface. Regardless of what your tastes are however, bold shades are excellent for producing a fun, attractive, and energetic space which can stimulate your senses.


Bold reds work well when used alongside white and grey tones. The integration of black hints creates a remarkable contrast and a minor exotic feeling too. Alternatively, dark red rooms have a habit of creating more serious and formal experiences, which are sophisticated, yet border on dramatic. Just like your fine wines, dark red kitchens are full-bodied, rich, and developed with sharing in mind, making them a great choice if your kitchen is to function as a sociable locale.


At Waterhouse Design, we always work to bring the personal tastes of our clients to light when they are creating a kitchen. Whatever it is you’re looking for, be it something classic or more modern, our team will be able to assist you in your endeavours.


If there’s anything you’d like to ask us, feel free to get in touch. We are proud to be one of the most creative teams for kitchen design Croydon has to offer.

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