Making the kitchen a more sociable place

Kitchens are an integral aspect of the home, being where we store and prepare food, and depending on the layout, where we also socialise with the family. Experienced in designing an array of kitchen types, including both classic and modern ones, we can come up with something that complements the style of your house nicely. As one of the top businesses for kitchen design Wimbledon has to give, we are the people to call if there’s a particular idea that’s stuck in your head.


The goal of numerous homeowners is to ensure that their kitchen is the quintessential location for entertaining guests. Be it for a dinner party that has been in the works for months, or to simply give the family a relaxation spot, following the advice that we’ve provided can aid you in producing a room that serves your every want and need.


If there’s one thing you’re going to require in order to convince individuals to assemble in the kitchen, it’s sufficient seating. Should you possess an adequate amount of space, melding the dining area and kitchen can offer an easy way for one to bring the cooking and the function together, giving everyone a place in which to socialise.


In addition, this is also a brilliant way of keeping the chef involved in any conversations. For those who don’t have room for a complete dining table, a breakfast bar can serve as a wonderful substitute or you can opt for fold away models that can be extended when necessary.


Similar to family, guests are also going to be drawn towards lightened spaces that have inviting auras. To obtain this yourself, bring in some large glass doors that open out into your garden. Aside from bringing in natural light, this approach lets you stretch your space outside during the warm months.


At Waterhouse Design, with our bespoke kitchens you can really let your imagination run wild. We’re no strangers to unique requests, so whatever it is you have in mind, talk to our team about your ideas and they will suggest the optimum course of action.


If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know. We promise the results from working with us will be worth it; our reputation as one of the leading providers of kitchen design Wimbledon has is built on quality and making even the most unique ideas a reality.

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