Where should a hob be placed in a kitchen?

At Waterhouse Designs, one of the leading providers of kitchen design Epsom has, we understand the importance of layout. One of the biggest decisions that need to be made when designing a kitchen is where appliances will be situated. Of these perhaps the most important is the location of the hob. After-all you could find yourself using it frequently and need to consider safety in terms of pan handles and moving hot pans when you are cooking.


An important tip is to keep the hob as far away from the end of a unit as possible. The closer it is to the edge the more risk there is of pan handles hanging over and getting knocked. If you leave space of around 60cm to each side this hazard will be completely removed.


Another important tip is to place the hob a good distance away from tall units or those ones installed on the wall. By doing this you reduce the amount of steam and food splatters that will come into contact with the units, helping to preserve them for longer.


A final thing to consider in terms of placement is how close the hob is to the sink. You’ll undoubtedly be tempted to put it close by so that it is easier to move pans when you have finished with them. For health and safety reasons though, it is a good idea to leave some clearance between the two. This helps to reduce the risk of water coming into contact with the appliance.


A popular design choice is to put the hob on an island. This can work really well but you need to keep the first tip above in mind. Additionally you should consider how you will place an extractor to get rid of the steam. It may be trickier if the island is right in the centre of the room but there are plenty of options that will allow it.


Waterhouse Designs can help clients to choose the perfect placement for their hob. One of the things that have helped us to become a leading name for kitchen design Epsom residents can call on is the fact that we personalise every service. Each client has their own unique needs and restrictions to deal with. We are confident we can create designs that deliver unbeatable value.

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