Themes and direction have a significant effect on colour

Kitchens are an essential part of each home and, with so many options available, it can be difficult for people to find the one that best suits them. Experienced in designing a plethora of kitchens, including the likes of Liv In, Schuller, and Eggerman, we make it our mission to help you in locating your preferred style. Being one of the finest businesses for kitchen design Wimbledon has to give, we are the ones to depend on if you have yet to discover your perfect model.


The kitchen colour scheme that you opt for, which includes the colour for the walls, flooring, worktops, and cabinetry, is immensely vital. After all, colour is what decides if a kitchen shall work. Furthermore, it has a substantial influence on your room’s mood or ambience. Of course, not everyone will have a blank canvas to work with at the beginning of the designing process, and there are a host of other elements that have an impact on both style and colour.


One factor to consider is your home’s current theme as there might be a natural tendency to preserve it. To give an example, within a period structure, like a Victorian or Georgian house for instance, it may be simpler to stick with the traditional theme as opposed to going for something a bit more modern.


The way your room faces is also important. Colour schemes can appear beautiful in one area but ugly in another. This isn’t simply down to the quantity of light, but also its quality, as this shifts depending on whether your room faces north, east, south, or west. The light’s quality affects how someone witnesses the colour and this in turn changes the kitchen’s tone or mood.


At Waterhouse Designs, every one of our kitchens is manufactured to a supreme level of quality. The Eggerman for example is uncompromising with everything, and the Liv In variants are a series of impeccable traditional and classic British designs, very appropriate for those who are feeling nostalgic.


If you would like a professional helping hand in designing your dream kitchen, please get in touch with us. Working with us you will see exactly why we are one of the best for kitchen design Wimbledon has to offer.

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