Subtle but stunning kitchen design ideas

Waterhouse Designs is the home of luxurious living services, such as kitchen design. We provide specialist spaces for your home, catering to your wants and needs to help you with planning, design, and installation. Offering integrated appliances, worktops, and accessories, you won’t find a more comprehensive service anywhere else. That is why we are the most highly regarded team for kitchen design Kingston has to offer.

The thing that sets us apart is we understand that people want to feel comfortable in their kitchen. Whether it be sitting at the breakfast table, or just the general functionality of the space. By always keeping up to date with the latest trends, we can offer design ideas to suit any taste.

The little details and accessories is what really make a kitchen. Custom cabinets, the strips between the countertop, and the doorknobs, are just a few examples of ways you can customise your design and really make it your own.

Our team can help you implement wonderful design ideas too! Here are some ideas explained:
– Providing a space in between the countertop and the island that is positioned underneath means you can add whatever you want in this gap. So, for example, a brass strip would look incredible. It is always important to remember to try and contrast colours, otherwise you could be stuck with a kitchen you’re not fond of.
– In sleeker spaces the colour black can give things like cabinets, for example, a more graphic edge. If this is applied, similar to the idea above, it can really make your kitchen stand out.
– With an already hovering cabinet, if the drawers are designed to have black around the edge, it can make it look like the drawers themselves are hovering within the cabinet.
– Duck egg blue is such an easy colour to look at; it is subtle and comfortable. If used right, it can achieve contrasting colours in kitchens beautifully. Partnered with wooden worktops and shelves, you really can’t go wrong!

Waterhouse Designs can help any customer with the design, and installation of kitchens. These were just a few design ideas that you could achieve, but the options are practically endless. We will work closely with you to create a space you will love spending time in. When it comes to kitchen design Kingston residents should make us their first call.

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