Kitchen design personalised for your lifestyle

In most homes, the kitchen is the centre of attention. Whether you are cooking a family dinner or wine tasting with your friends, every tool you need should be at your finger tips. With the best kitchen design Kingston has to offer, you can have a space personalised to suit your lifestyle. We work with Schuller, a notable German brand, to bring you convenient storage solutions for all types of accessories.


For those who live by the stove top, we offer a sleek pull-out utensil cupboard that can hold all your cooking essentials, for quick and easy access. While for those who like to spice up their life, there’s a spice rack insert that will keep your cupboards free of clutter and your spices simple to find. Or, for the everyday baker we offer integrated pull-out scales that will enable you to hide them away once your recipe is complete. Additionally, there is an in-cupboard rack system for a clean storage solution.


All draws and pull-outs are smooth running and ease shut, preventing long-term damage. Plus, with a range of cutlery inserts to suit your needs and anti-slip mats, your draws will remain organised and free of mess. Schuller offer a range of designs without compromising on quality.


Schuller’s range of draw designs allow for a minimalism kitchen aesthetic, perfect for those who like a clean, open work environment. Every tool you need is at your finger tips, while being hidden away under a seamless work surface.


For a personalised kitchen design Kingston residents can’t help but love, contact the Waterhouse Designs team and tell us about your needs. Working alongside Schuller, we are confident that we can create a kitchen worthy of hosting all your entertainment needs. From wine tasting, to making family dinners, we have a design for you.


If you would like to get an idea of designs we can offer please visit the gallery page. You can see just how diverse our design skills are.

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