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Being a passionate design company, we have a particular prowess for kitchens. Every one of the brands we work with offer products made to an excellent standard of quality and they’re certain to fit in quite nicely with your decor choices. Having conceived some highly intriguing designs, ours is the business to depend on if you require something new. We are confident we offer the best kitchen design Sutton property owners could hope for.


With every kitchen, there’s one crucial factor you must begin with. It must be feasible to cook food that’s nourishing, exciting and accessible in the space. You might think that brand-name appliances are behind your food’s exquisite taste, but the fact is that the warmest family meals and greatest dinner functions originate from those cooks that are most comfortable in their own kitchens. Saying this, here are some tips to follow when creating your own design.


For starters, be sure to make things interactive. What transpires within the kitchen is what makes them memorable. Not only should we be doing everything we can to sit and eat together, but we also need to take steps towards cooking cooperatively too. Begin with a simple approach such as having an additional chef’s knife for any up and coming sous chefs. For those partaking in complete remodelling endeavours, consider how you wish for the room to flow and serve a multiple people cooking together.


One thing many people forget is the importance of balancing the amount of equipment you have with the space that is available. A cramped kitchen can be uncomfortable to work in, not to mention potential being unsafe too. The key here is to ensure that what you do own is of a magnificent standard. Should your room be restricted whilst choosing appliances, then contemplate reducing the sizes.


At Waterhouse Designs the responsive and flexible attitude we take towards kitchen design permits us to offer customers an extensive collection of options. If you are after a design that’s more classical for example, our Liv-in brand is one of the top British kitchens that’s available. Alternatively we can offer cutting edge German or homely Italian brands.


We’re confident that we have a solution for each situation, so contact us if you are interested in our kitchens. We are sure you’ll see why we are the number one for kitchen design Sutton has from the very first conversation with us.

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