Functional kitchen design ideas

Waterhouse Design are industry leaders when it comes to luxury designed kitchens, modern bedrooms and bathrooms. Offering specialist services specific to all our clients, we create designs that integrate functional and stylish appliances, accessories, and worktops. When they need help with kitchen design Epsom property owners should make us their first choice.


Having a kitchen that suits and works best for you should be considered to be the most important aspect in your home. Our team can help you create it. Here are some ideas you should consider if you want your space to be functional.


Remember you can always make use of the wall space in your kitchen. Vertical wall storage can be anything from hooks and rods to magnets and shelving units. The aim with each of them is to create central organisation. Kitchen items can be stored neatly in a contained area of space that would otherwise go unused. Vertical wall storage is suitable for kitchens of any size, and layouts are always fully customisable to suit your requirements.


An island could be the perfect option for your kitchen. It provides a central space that can be used for everything from food preparation to eating. Installing a sink here may be wise because it will be positioned in the middle of everything.


Minimalism is also possible with the use of two-tiered carousels. Maximise corner cabinets and keep countertops clear using these smart storage solutions. We can make it possible for you to keep rarely used items tucked away, whilst ensuring they are easy to reach when you do need them.


Sticking with the minimal design aspect, consider installing a flat ceramic cook top when remodelling your kitchen. The sleek design can fit modern, contemporary and traditional kitchens; meaning it will work no matter what your requirements are.


These are just some of the many ways in which you can make your kitchen functional to suit you. Waterhouse Kitchen Design specialises in high quality Italian, German and British kitchens; you won’t be short for choice.


If you require our services, or would like to know more, please get in touch. We offer personal services, exploring ideas and offering recommendations. If you want the best team for kitchen design Epsom has, we are the company for you.

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