Extraction can make kitchens more pleasant

If you are currently in the process of installing a new kitchen and looking for professional assistance you’ve come to the right place. Experienced in producing both contemporary and modern designs, our team can create a room that matches your exact tastes and requirements; all for a reasonable price of course. As one of the best businesses for kitchen design Sutton has to offer, come to us with any ideas you may have.


There are many things you can do in order to successfully design a kitchen. Planning extraction early on is one of them. A typical issue with open plan kitchens is the fact that smells tend to linger. With the right extraction though, the problem can be attenuated.


Opting to specify a ducted hood as opposed to a re-circulating hood is a great suggestion. A duct sends air outside rather than filtering and sending it back into the room. This is a more effective option and means you don’t need to worry about the performance of the filter. Another good idea would be to go for a model that comes with an intensive power setting; these can banish odours promptly.


The cooker hood that you use should ideally be sized properly for the space it is to inhabit. Said hoods have to be the same width as the hob at the very least. If you are using an induction hob, the recommendation is to select one that is wider as the vapour scatters outwards. Gas vapour rises in a vertical manner, meaning that a cooker hood that’s equal to the hob’s width would be one of the most practical solutions.


When deciding on extraction always keep in mind how decorative the appliance is; after-all it will be very eye-catching. Try to opt for an extractor that suits the space, whether it is a minimalist contemporary design or a more traditional one.


At Waterhouse Design, thanks to the responsive and flexible approach we take towards our work, we have the talent necessary to accommodate a substantial variety of kitchen requirements. Every solution is based on the unique specifications of our clients, so don’t think that we can’t accomplish something simply because it’s uncharacteristic.


If there is anything in particular that you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch with the best team for kitchen design Sutton has to offer.

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