Certain colours work best alongside others in the kitchen

Kitchens give you a great chance to pick and choose different elements to match your lifestyle needs. The many options could potentially make it rather difficult to decide between them but we aim to make this choice a little easier. We do this by providing you with by working closely with you to look at styles and see how elements can fit together to make something bespoke for you. Being one of the foremost businesses for kitchen design Sutton has to give, we are the people to contact if what you seek is excellence.


Selecting colours for a kitchen can be just as stressful and time consuming as it is exciting. However, you may be relieved to hear that particular shades work brilliantly within specific rooms. With kitchens, red, white, green, grey, yellow, and blue stand out from the rest. Every one of them offers something unique for the space, but the one constant is that they all aid in manufacturing a warm and welcoming room.


Lately, the neutral grey has taken centre stage in homes across the earth. It usually becomes categorised as a cold feeling colour, but if you utilise the correct shade, grey can do wondrous things for your kitchen. Perhaps the greatest thing about it is that this colour pairs itself wonderfully with countless others and acts as a prime base from which a kitchen can be built upon.


Blue is another stand out option for kitchens. When lighter shades are introduced they can generate a clean, crisp appearance. As such, we recommend using it for surfaces like the ceiling, cabinets, and walls. This is an energising colour and truly shines when used sparingly; it can overpower your room otherwise. Dark blue isn’t too bad either, but you must accent the remainder of your kitchen with neutral tones, just so that it doesn’t turn out too dark and intense.


At Waterhouse Design, the design solutions that we’ve created are influenced by the distinctive preferences and specifications of our clients. Whatever it is that you desire, be it a classical kitchen or something a bit more contemporary, our team will do everything they can to make it happen.


If you would like to discuss specifics with us, feel free to call us. One of the main reasons we are one of the most highly regarded companies for kitchen design Solihull residents can work with is we offer a personal service. We will always work to bring your ideas to life, giving you complete creative control.

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