A backsplash is beneficial for the long-term

Kitchens appear in all sorts of shapes and sizes; this is a good thing as different people have varying tastes. Knowledgeable on a multitude of kitchen styles, including both classic and modern ones, our team can assist you in creating something that best suits your preferences. Being one of the greatest businesses for kitchen design Kingston has to offer, we are the people to contact when you decide that it’s time for a brand new space.


Countless home activities, such as socialising, cooking, drinking, eating, and cleaning, occur in the kitchen. It is for this reason why your room must be functional in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. No matter the design you opt for, layout and organisation is imperative.


One of the most common problems relating to kitchen design has to do with a lack of counter space. Considering almost every activity will a countertop, as well as all the tools that are permanently positioned there, you’re going to want to feature as much open horizontal exterior space in your room as is feasible.


When people are designing a new kitchen, the one aspect that tends to slip to the bottom of the list is the backsplash. In certain instances it’s left out entirely. While this does save money in the short-term, the long-term will see you spending much of your effort and time.


If you consider all the grease, steam, and water in your kitchen, you’ll come to understand why introducing a backsplash above your counters and cooktop is an intelligent idea. It’s far simpler to clear off the grease from a backsplash comprised of tile, plastic, or metal than wallpaper and painted walls.


At Waterhouse Designs, all of our kitchens are produced to an immensely high quality with a focus on getting even the finest details correct. The Eggerman for example is uncompromising with everything and the Liv-in brand is where you want to be if you’re after the British kitchen at its most exquisite.


If you would like our assistance, please get in touch with us. As the best name for kitchen design Kingston has, we will always deliver excellent services.

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