2017’s kitchen design trends

The kitchen is considered to be the most valuable room in the home, followed by the living room then the bedroom and bathroom. As a result people are always more likely to invest in it, ensuring they have high quality kitchens with many different functionalities. At Waterhouse Designs we are committed to providing the very best kitchen design Croydon has to offer. That way, each customer can invest with full confidence.


We understand that kitchens operate as the heart of the home but everybody has their own specific needs for the space. Designs must meet these requirements and the latest trends also have an impact. It is always good for designers to stay up to date on the most popular style choices in the industry.


So what are the kitchen design trends of 2017?


When it comes to furniture and textures, one of the most popular choices has been quartz worktops. People upgrading from laminate tops to quartz has been steadily rising since 2016, and is looking to stay a common trend due to the value of materials. Upgrading your kitchen worktop from laminate to natural stone can increase the splendour of the room.


Industrial style kitchens have grown in popularity recently, especially in Scandinavia. The features that characterise this look can be anything from rustic metals, to exposed pipes and brickwork. Industrial design gives back purpose to kitchens and focuses on what really matters; function, aesthetics, and form.


Kitchen design has become more and more minimalistic in recent times too. In particular clutter free worktops are recognised as an interior design trend now. People are opting for high quality storage solutions so everything is stored intelligently whilst giving the illusion the kitchen is bigger.


In terms of colour and kitchens, this year many people have adopted copper accents. The trend is seeing people leaning more towards earthy tones, which naturally stand the test of time. 2017 will see more copper handles and appliances due to people wanting an alternative to black or stainless steel.


Waterhouse Designs are leading specialists in innovative, modern, and luxury kitchen design. We can help make these 2017 trends come to life for you, creating the perfect space for your home. Whatever your needs we will ensure they are provided for.


If you are interested in seeing what else we can do for you, please get in touch. We promise you will quickly see why we are considered to be the best team for kitchen design Croydon has.

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